Two omnipotent beings look down at earth searching for fate’s chosen savior having missed the crucial time to start training their hero. Daniel Platt, approaching fifty and well past his prime, must stop the two evil aliens and their long awaited planned enslavement of humanity. The aliens have infiltrated themselves into positions of power amongst Earth’s world leaders.

Once discovered, Daniel Platt is a huge letdown as his occupation is a Stuffmart greeter. He is a single man, has no friends or family connections, and has been made cynical and bitter by the
unremarkable life he has led. Daniel is then subsequently whisked off by the superbeings and informed of his destiny, and that he only has three weeks to save the Earth.

Initially, Daniel is not on board, however, as story progresses he begins to accept his fate. He soon finds that not only has he been given the physical strength to face this new enemy, but discovers the confidence and strength of character that he never known before.

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